6″ 600P Carworx Mattex Abrasive Sand Paper Disc (20pk)


  • Patented woven abrasive, flexible foam support
  • Adaptable to most surfaces and can be used wet or dry
  • Dense & uniform scratch pattern
  • Doesn’t need re-wetting

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Product description

Carworx MATTEX is a patented cloth laminated with a foam support that is suitable for sanding and dulling primers and paints by hand. The spongy, textured fabric ensures flexibility and adaptability, enabling the operator to sand any type of surface including contours and hard to reach areas. Uniquely, when used wet, the abrasive soaks up water particles and does not need constant re-wetting. Ideal for mattening hard to reach areas prior to painting, feathering, removing over-spray in a blending zone and for spot repairs. Suitable for wet and dry use. SECTORS OF APPLICATION: Auto Repair Building & Decoration Composite Sanding Vehicle Production Metal Sanding Marine Aerospace SUITABLE FOR USE ON: Aluminum Hardwood Non-ferrous metals Paint Plaster Plaster of paris Plastic materials Primers Soft / Resinous woods Synthetic materials Lacquers Chipboard Copper / Brass / Bronze alloys Fiberglass

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Date First Available

Feb. 4 2021


Brand: Carworx, Carworx


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